T-Minus 7 Days

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Our date of departure is rapidly approaching.  We leave a week from today.  The last couple mornings I have been woken to Katy whispering “Oh my gosh, can you believe it?  I can’t believe this is actually happening?  Aaaaahhhh!!”  I proceed to roll over and fall back to sleep while she lies in bed wondering what will become of our lives. (I think it is in a woman’s nature to worry.  All the great women that I know have that quality.  Sometimes I wonder if the greater the woman the greater her ability to worry.  This definitely holds true for my Grandma Ann.  My mother seems to be following suit.)

As I lay in bed somewhere in that shady area of groggy wakefulness and day dreaming I imagine a wonderful future.  Waking up in a new town every day, 5 or 6 hours pedaling through quaint towns and beautiful countryside, a massive calorie deficit to be filled by new and wonderful foods and etc.  It is all good news.  Can’t wait.  Our lives will quickly change.  Today I spent 8 hours pouring through MiChart and Careweb studying the long term outcomes of the Ross Procedure (heart surgery doctor stuff).  In a week I will be convincing Katy that back to back centuries to see the first two stages of the Tour de France is non-negotiable.  The biggest adjustment however, must be: no more Google life for Katy.  She will have to surrender all that she loves about being a Googler: her  teammates, Analytics, and of course, Chef Tom meals and the snacks in the micro kitchen.

My Workstation: With FIFA World Cup to keep me occcupied.
My Workstation: With FIFA World Cup to keep me occupied.
Katy's Workstation
Katy’s Workstation
Google Snacks
Plethora of Snacks
Google Lunch: I hope our Warmshower hosts are familiar with Katy's dining habits.
Google Lunch: I hope our Warmshower hosts are familiar with Katy’s dining habits.


It’s been a long 3 or 4 days.  I (and a small team of computer savvy individuals) have just spent the last 72 hours downloading all of Seinfeld onto an external hard drive.  My evenings are often incomplete without the opportunity to delve into some great humor.

Seinfeld produced 180 episodes in its 9 year run.  I think they intentionally produced 180 shows.  A year has 365 days, this allows for a thorough watching of the entire series at one episode a night (everyone has a spare 23 minutes in their evening), a couple days rest, and then start all over at the beginning.  This will allow for watching every episode twice a year, just what the doctor ordered.

One of my many favorites:

My Boys Can Swim

The Dress Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect.  Or so they say.  Actually (and that’s a word my nephew Charlie loves), perfect practice makes perfect.  So we figured we would put some gear in our panniers and our rubber on the road and see if our dear Primera was ready to roll.

The Dress Rehearsal Route
The Dress Rehearsal Route

We planned a nice casual tour through Northern Michigan.  We rode a loop, averaging about 50 miles a day, the same mileage we plan to ride everyday for the 9 months we will be out touring.

Weather was beautiful each day.  Sunny and 70 degrees.  The first night we stayed with the Swabash’s – parents of medical school classmate.  They were awesome.  Fresh cherry oatmeal for breakfast.  Couldn’t have been more pleased.  The ride was great.  Camped the night at Wilderness State Park – gotto try out all of that new camping gear.  The morning was more oatmeal and off to Mackinac Island.  A beautiful place all around.  Then headed back to the mainland to be hosted by some Warmshowers Hosts – Connie and Dale Rieger.  They were wonderful.  We had a great conversation that evening that really challenged us to think about what we hope to experience on our tour.  Breakfast of oatmeal – it’s kind of the gold standard of bike touring breakfast.  And then back to Petoskey to wrap up a great weekend.

Departure on Day 1.  Just keep it steady.
Departure on Day 1. Just keep it steady.
A tough day of cycling requires calories.
A tough day of cycling requires calories.
The Mackinaw Bridge.
The Mackinaw Bridge.
Our secret power: Google Glasses
Our secret power: Google Glasses