The Touring Tandem in print

Turns out that Amazon sped things along a little faster than I had imagined.  Get your copy today:

While I was busy writing, Katy was busy doing something else: growing our firstborn.  George Wollage Pratt IV is excited for his first tour, and hopefully next year we’ll be able to do some Touring Trio.  He hasn’t had a pain au chocolat yet, but it won’t be long.



The Touring Tandem

If you saw this email and thought, “Are they cycling again?”  then all I can say is, unfortunately no.  I’m at home, sitting on my couch, churning through my fourth year of medical school.

I enjoyed writing this blog so much, and have such wonderful memories of this trip, that I decided some time ago to write a book about our travels.  Many years from now this website will likely no longer exist, but I’m hoping that this book will, and that it will be sitting on a shelf somewhere, so that when I say to Katy, “What was the name of that town in northwest Italy with the great pizza?” I’ll be able to grab this off the shelf and say, “Oh right, Udine.”  The book, aptly titled The Touring Tandem, is just about finished up, and will be available on Amazon sometime next week.