Places We Sleep

Places we sleep.  By far one of the better parts of this trip.  Why? Because it changes every day.  Never before in my life have I slept in so many different places.  And the options are kind of a “the sky is the limit” type of ordeal.  Each day when we ride off to our destination this is the thought process we go through:

1. Do we have a WarmShowers host?  This is by far the best deal for us because it is 1) a free place to sleep 2) a nice dinner and breakfast 3) a warm shower (or cold if the weather prefers it) but 4) WarmShowers are the best because it is the easiest way for us to meet local people and learn about culture.  Without WS we would know much less of all the places we have visited.

2.  If WS is not an option then the next question: do we want to spend some money to sleep?  I typically lean towards No on this question a little more than Katy (I guess I am more okay with being uncomfortable).  If we don’t want to spend money this means Wild

2A. Don’t Spend Money -> Wild Camping.  This means we look for a nice place to fall asleep.  But the long list of things to consider include first and foremost: will it rain tonight?  I hate camping in the rain.  Then we have to consider where will we shower, do we need clothes washed, will we get in trouble here, are their mosquitoes and the list goes on.

2B. Okay to spend money -> Then we end up in either a hostel or a hotel or paying for a camping at a campsite (although a campsite has often been more expensive than a hostel).

2B1.  Hostels are great if they have good WiFi, it’s not bloody hot outside, they have free breakfast and the dude next to you doesn’t snore like a train.

2B2. A hotel.  This has happened on 3 occasions, and it happens to be 3 days in a row.  I guess you could say we “splurge” once in a while.

2B3.  Campsites.  These can be better than Wild Camping if Katy really wants a hot shower, they have “bread on delivery” – this was common practice in France, and they have decent WiFi.

And so what follows is a snapshot of everywhere we have slept.

England and Scotland




5 thoughts on “Places We Sleep”

    1. Actually, this is Northern England. A beautiful place. Put down the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales on your “to do” list. Also, Katy and I love all of your “little Fuller expected in January picture”. Especially the tandem addition one.

  1. 7/10 – 11…looks totally cozy, but then again 7/6 is prime real-estate…i mean really, who wakes up to that kind of view! Happy trails to you. ccc

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