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My name is Clayton, I do most of the typing.  My wife is Katy.  I’m 29 and she’s 26.  We got married 6 or 7 years ago – Katy would know the exact date and things have been good since.  Life started to teeter on the edge of getting serious so we figured before settling into adulthood and responsibility we would try our luck at pedaling across Europe.  Unfortunately and fortunately, medical school was able to give me either a year off or nothing off.  I decided to take the year off, extending the length of our trip significantly.

My wife and I.
My wife and I.

I’m a medical student at the University of Michigan, just finished my second year.  It’s been a lot of fun – great classmates, loads of interesting information to learn and it’s great to be working at a goal that I have always had.  Katy works for Google.  She really enjoys it.  At the dinner table when the topic of “what did you do today?” comes up, we often find ourselves entirely unable to understand what the other is talking about.

Life as a medical student.
Life as a medical student.

It was a difficult decision to leave things that we enjoy, we hope they will be there waiting for us when we return.  And hopefully our friends haven’t stolen any of our bikes.

We do like our bicycles.  It is rather sad we can only ride one this year.
We do like our bicycles. It is rather sad we can only ride one this year.

Other things we enjoy:

Jamaica, Charlie and Phish (let the entire video play – there are 3 videos)




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  1. Since nobody has mentioned it yet, I will; The first photo of you and Katy is flipped (mirror image). Your selfie is also, but then that was actually taken with a mirror.

  2. I was following you on Instagram and then Anna told me about your blog. I just love reading about your adventures. My motherly advice, of course, is be safe, take care, and have the best time.

  3. I love how the song Bicycle kind of startles you and gives you a lift of energy about the whole adventure. I think that’s a real plus. Later you might want to go with Heroes (or any of a number of Bowie songs), or Back in the USSR (Beatles). When you make it to Thailand, maybe back to Queen (We Are the Champions).

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