Frequently Asked Questions

Are you excited to return home?

Hell no.

Where are you?

Right now we’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand

How far do you ride each day?

About 70 kilometers per day.

How much has your trip cost?

Less than a year of medical school

Do you ever let Katy sit in the front of the tandem?

No.  Never.

Why are you doing this?

Why not?

What do you do when you aren’t cycling?

We eat.


7 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. I found your blog as a result of the Deseret News article and am entranced! This sounds so fun and so difficult but I would absolutely love to do something like this with my husband! Quick question: what advice do you have to keep your bike and stuff from getting stolen? I’d have a hard time relaxing in a store or restaurant knowing virtually everything I have is out on the street even if there was a lock. I’d actually love to ride my bike for errands more, but I do worry about it left outside. I also think it would be interesting if at some point you made and obsessively detailed packing list– though I appreciated the detailed packing list you provided for another commenter. I hope everyone is healthy, safe and having a great ride!

    1. Glad you were able to stumble upon our blog. It’s been a fabulous trip. Each day I wish we were starting from the beginning.

      About keeping things safe. We’ve had nothing stolen, and no shady experiences. Because there is two of us, we always leave one person with the bike when the other goes in a grocery store. We sit outside at restaurants where we can have an eye on our bike. At hotels or hostels people have let us bring the bike inside or usually into our room. We don’t spend much time in big cities where theft is more common, but spend most of our time in the country. In India and SE Asia I’m much less concerned about theft than in Europe.

      When I make a detailed packing list – I’m planning on it for a book I am writing – I will make sure I send it to you.

  2. We met in Biga. zeytinburnu bike club. I’ve been following your page, you’ve read the last article. Thanks for the nice words you have written about Islam. Do you honor God with Islam. (amine)

    1. Faruk,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I hope that the rest of your bike journey back to Istanbul went well.

      Visiting Turkey has been great. Everyone has been super friendly and very hospitable. Our time spent at Sultan Ahmet Camii was wonderful and a great experience for Katy and I to be able to see Muslims practicing their faith in worship. Unfortunately a lot of the news that we hear in America concerning Islam isn’t always uplifting, and also never represents the majority of good, kind Muslims. It’s been great traveling in Turkey and meeting all the kind and wonderful people.


  3. You need courage to leave everything, and go on an adverture like this! Hats off. 🙂 Safe & happy journey, I’m sure you’ll have amazing memories!

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